Everyone Wins with Carly In at the next Debate

Originally Posted at Rare.com

The long road to the GOP nomination got a bit more interesting when Carly Fiorina earned a spot on the main stage of this month’s upcoming CNN debate.

Following an exceptional performance in the undercard Fox News debate, Fiorina has experienced a substantial surge in the polls. Ranked in the top 10 in 12 state-based polls (and in the top three in the latest poll out of Iowa), Fiorina has seen her favorability increase by double digits over the last two weeks.

Her participation is a win-win for everyone – from CNN to the GOP to the primary voter. Not only does CNN get to promote her involvement and benefit from a potential ratings boost (because who isn’t interested in watching Fiorina and Trump go toe-to-toe on the same stage?), but the GOP now boasts a legitimate candidate who can combat the war on women narrative in primetime.

Fiorina’s rapid rise has little to do with her gender, however, and everything to do with her ability to clearly articulate where she stands on key issues from foreign policy to Planned Parenthood, and do so on any platform from the debate stage to left-leaning media like The View. She even outpaced Trump as the most searched candidate on Google following the August debate, a clear sign that voters are interested in what she has to say.

Unfazed by tough questions, Fiorina has outshone her counterparts when it comes to attacking Hillary Clinton. From day one, she set her sights directly on Clinton, challenging her on everything from Benghazi to email-gate. Chris Matthews was left at a loss for words after he questioned her for calling Clinton a liar, a feat many of her rivals have yet to accomplish:

Fiorina is a refreshing contrast to the vague, rhetoric-filled, policy-deficient Trump campaign. Her website contains the most comprehensive answers section of any candidate in the field, allowing users to ask a question and receive an answer from of hundreds of videos.

Most importantly, Fiorina enriches the debate experience by increasing its diversity of voice, perspective, and life experience. Agree with her or not, she earned her spot on the main stage and the GOP is better for it.